Buffer Preparation

Buffer preparation is the process step where one flushes out materials and waste to regulate and control pH, which is necessary for developing your drug and storage. Furthermore, buffer prep is for stabilization of reactions in different steps during bio-process.

By buffer preparation one starts with mixing powder and a fluid, like water. After doing this step, the mixed solution from the bag or carboy is brought to the bioreactor. The mixed solution can be transported using a pump or gravity and Single Use instruments such as flow, pH, pressure sensors, etc can be utilised to ensure everything is working correctly.


Assemblies for Buffer Preparation [More]

  • Single use product transfer assemblies; transporting buffer to a reactor
  • Single use Buffer transportation assemblies
  • Single use bottle assemblies
  • Single use bag assemblies


Tubing [More]

  • Biopharmaceutical TPE tubing; to create a sterile closed system for transporting the buffer to the bioreactor by welding
  • Silicone tubing; Is more common use in standard applications for transporting the buffer, you don’t have to weld
  • Pump grade tubing has been developed for peristaltic pumps. It is designed to held many hours of pump duration


Bags [More]

  • 2D and 3D Single use bioprocess bags are available up to 2000L and designed for preparation, storage and transport of buffers and biopharmaceuticals solutions
  • 2D Rockerbags for cell culture applications
  • Cryo bags are available up to 20L to store the biopharmaceutical products at -85°C


Container [More]

  • as Buffer or Media tank


Filters [More]

  • Sterilizing grade filters can be used for a sterile filtration of your biopharmaceutical solution before transportation to the bioreactor


Pumps [More]

  • This single use/multi use pump system with magnetically levitated bearingless motor technology can be very useful for transporting your buffer to the bioreactor