Cell Harvest

Mammalian cell harvest by centrifuge has been displaced by depth filtration. The technique of centrifugation is based on the principle of density difference between particles to be separated and the medium. Centrifugation is mostly used for separating solid particles from liquid phase (fluid/particle separation). Depth filtration uses single use plastic pods that have no reusable wetted parts. These depth filter pods are held in a vice-like holder because the plastic housings themselves do not have the required pressure capacity. Depth filtration is an adequate alternative to centrifugation, although somewhat expensive.

Microfiltration (MF) membranes can be used to harvest cells from mammalian and bacterial cell culture to provide cell-free medium (containing the biopharmaceutical product) to the downstream purification and concentration steps.


Assemblies [More]

  • Transfer assemblies
  • 2D bag assemblies
  • Single use Bottle assemblies
  • Centrifugal tube assemblies for harvesting


Tubing [More]

  • Platinum cured silicone tubing
  • Pump grade tubing has been developed for peristaltic pumps. It can withstand many hours of pump duration
  • Biopharmaceutical TPE tubing; to create a sterile closed system by welding 2 pieces of TPE tubing to each other


Sampling Systems

  • Sampling bottle system available from 60mL bottles to take sterile sample of the product to check the quality
  • Sampling bag system from 50mL bags to take sterile samples of the product check the quality


Filters [More]

  • Prefilters (as built in or separate) are available to remove products from the solution
  • Sterilizing grade filters have been specifically designed for the effective and economical processing of difficult to filter solutions
  • Filters for microfiltration to harvest cells
  • Dept filters to harvest cells


Pumps [More]

  • Our single use/multi use pump system with magnetically levitated bearingless motor technology can be used to create a flow. The flow can be measured by single use sensors, which can be connected to monitor of the pump


Plastic fittings & Connectors [More]

  • Sterile connectors can be used to connect tube to tube or to connect tubing to the column in order to maintain a fully closed, sterile system
  • Bioprocess Couplers/fittings (Y pieces, Tee’s, reducers etc) are available to connect tubing to tubing or to connect tubing to the bioreactor. These couplers can be used to make your own single use assembly


Instrumentation [Mehr]

  • Inline single use sensors to monitor the pressure, flow, conductivity, pH, Temperature and turbidity to measure the harvesting conditions