The journey of a drug to market begins with a molecule which is showing potential to treat, cure or prevent a disease. There are many steps along this journey; one of the most important steps is the need to separate and purify the molecule from a complex feed stream. Chromatography is the answer to getting high purity products, especially with proteins. Chromatography is still the major tool on all levels of the DSP from the first capture to the final polishing step.

There are many methods of executing the chromatography step. These are the most commonly used methods:

  • Ion exchange chromatography (IEX) – is the most popular method for purification of proteins and other charged molecules. Positively charged molecules are attracted to negatively charged solid molecules.
  • Hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC) – separates protein molecules using the properties of hydrophobicity. In this method, proteins containing both hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions are applied to an HIC column under high salt buffer conditions. Due to this salt buffer conditions, proteins of the hydrophobic area can precipitate out of the solution.
  • Affinity chromatography (AC) – can be used to purify and concentrate a substance from a mixture to a buffering solution, or it can be used to reduce the amount of unwanted substances, and to identify the biological compound to a particular substance.
  • Gel filtration chromatography (GFC) – separates proteins and peptides based on size. Molecules will move through greater or smaller porous membranes by diffusing.


Assemblies for chromatography [More]

  • Tubing assemblies are designed to standardize the chromatography process. They can include several single use sensors to measure the parameters of the fluid


Tubing [More]

  • Platinum cured silicone tubing
  • Platinum cured silicone pump grade tubing can be used in peristaltic pumps to transport the fluid to the column
  • Biopharmaceutical grade TPE tubing


Bags [More]

  • 2D and 3D Single use bioprocess bags are available up to 2000L and designed for preparation, storage and transport of buffers and biopharmaceuticals solutions
  • 2D Rocker bags for cell culture applications
  • Cryo bags are available up to 20L to store the biopharmaceutical products at -85°C


Sampling Systems

  • Sampling bottle systems available from 60mL. The bottles are designed to take sterile samples of the product to check the quality
  • Sampling bag system from 50ml. The bags are designed to take sterile samples of the product check the quality


Filters [More]

  • Filters for column guard filtration can be used to remove particulates out of the flow stream


Pumps [More]

  • The single use/multi use pump system with magnetically levitated bearingless motor technology can be very useful for transporting fluids into the chromatography column


Plastic fittings & Connectors [More]

  • Sterile connectors are an alternative to welding and sealing



  • Pinch valves can be used to shut off some of the fluid paths
  • Fluid management solutions in the area of single use systems. It can be used to modulate and control flow automatically. It also can be implemented in the customized single use assemblies for all methods of Chromatography


Instrumentation [Mehr]

  • Inline single use sensors to monitor the pressure, flow, conductivity, pH, Temperature and turbidity. These parameters will be measured in most chromatography methods
  • Welders to connect TPE tubing by welding
  • Sealers to seal TPE tubing by sealing


Custom Plastic Eqipment [More]

  • Customized plastic bag totes
  • Roller Dollies
  • Funnels
  • Diptubes