Media Preparation

Using special recipes, media are prepared that are required for each bioreactor stage of the scale-up from inoculum to harvest. Media preparation is usually carried out in tanks, carboys, bottles or bags to which the media is introduced.

Similar to humans, cells also require a proper nutrition to function and ultimately produce the protein product. Therefore, media is predominantly made up of various components like carbohydrate (glucose), nitrogen (amino acids), fats (lipids) and trace amounts of salt. Media components are most often in powder form which is introduced to a high purity grade of water for injection (WFI). Prior to introducing the cells to culture it is very important the media is homogeneous and thoroughly mixed.

After this step, the solution is transferred from a bag or carboy into the bioreactor. If gravity is not sufficient for this, a pump can be used as a remedy, and disposable instruments can also collect data such as flow rate, pH, pressure, etc. to ensure optimal condition.


Assemblies [More]

  • Product transfer assemblies from Buffer/Media Make-Up tank
  • Bag assemblies for creating a buffer
  • Bottle/ Flask closure assemblies
  • Sampling assemblies to take a sterile sample from the buffer media


Tubing [More]

  • Biopharmaceutical TPE tubing; to create a sterile closed system for transporting the buffer to the bioreactor by welding
  • Silicone tubing; Is more common use in standard applications for transporting the buffer, where you don’t have to weld
  • Pump grade tubing has been developed for peristaltic pumps. It is designed to have a longer pump life


Bioprocess Bags [More]

  • 2D and 3D Single use bioprocess bags are available up to 2000L and designed for preparation, storage and transport of buffers and biopharmaceuticals solutions
  • 2D Rockerbags for cell culture applications
  • Cryo bags are available up to 20L to store the biopharmaceutical products at -85°C


Filters [More]

  • Pre-filters : PROCLEAR
  • Retentive filters for viral clearance
  • Sterilizing grade filters to remove microorganisms from the solution


Pumps [More]

  • Quattroflow pumps for shear-free and linear process transfer


Plastic fittings & Connectors [More]

  • Sterile connectors can be used to connect tube to tube or to connect tubing to the column to maintain a fully closed, sterile system
  • Bioprocess fittings (Y pieces, Tee’s, reducers etc) are available to connect tubing to tubing or to connect tubing to the bioreactor. These fittings can also be used to make single use assembly


Instrumentation [Mehr]

  • Single Use Sensors to control and monitor your process within media preparation


Bottles & Flasks [More]

  • Spinner Flask
  • Erlenmeyer/ Shake flask
  • Media Bottles for taking samples of media preparation
  • Sampling bags for takings samples of media preparation


Container [More]

  • as Buffer or Media tank